Create Your Own Position Volunteer, Family and Birth Photographer Alicia Thwaites

If you see a way for your skill set to enhance our project, don’t be shy, we want to hear from you. Possibilities are endless but can include: Editing, event planning, advertising, research, fundraising, project promotion, graphic design, volunteer management,  etc. and various other jobs that come and go depending on our current needs and goals.

We happily accept one-time volunteer offers (even an hour can help), or we can accommodate people who are looking to make a regular time commitment. If you want to get involved, please let us know what your interests are so we can work with you to find a position that best suits you. We are available to write a letter of reference for volunteers we get to know. If you would like to volunteer please contact us as we would love to hear your ideas.

Meet one of our Create Your Own Position Volunteers:
Alicia Thwaites, a Winnipeg-based family and birth photographer, created her own volunteer position with You Can’t Spoil a Baby in May 2015 by donating her time and photography skills to 5 lucky families from our waiting list. Founder, Pamela Delisle and Alicia worked together to plan a hugely successful event in which Alicia spent 30 minutes photographing each family and then just in time for Mother’s Day, she hand delivered a generous set of free digital files as well as printed photos!

To view a video of Alicia’s photography event covered by CTV, visit here:
To learn more about Alicia’s work, visit Alicia’s website and Facebook page.


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