You Can’t Spoil a Baby acknowledges the partnerships made with individuals or businesses that have gone above and beyond what was hoped for to help our project succeed. Partnerships are listed in the order they were formed. If you would like to form a partnership with us please contact Pamela.

Peapod Creations and YCSAB share a mutual love of baby wearing as a way to nurture family bonding; so much so that starting in May 2013 the family owned and operated Winnipeg business has donated over 100 brand new Cuddly Wrap baby carriers to us. These beautiful cotton stretchy wrap baby carriers were then gifted to families in need who expressed a desire to wear their babies. To learn more about Peapod Creations visit them at and
Lady Owl Design ‘Eye candy crafted by a creative genius’ pretty much sums up Lady Owl Design artist and owner Nancy Arnold. Lady Owl Design is responsible for taking our drawings and photos and turning them into an enticing and eye catching promotional material. Nancy has always been available for collaboration, encouragement and to provide us with a fair rate for a project with no budget. To indulge your senses, visit her page at and
Alicia Thwaites began her volunteer position with You Can’t Spoil a Baby by donating her time and photography skills to 5 lucky families from our waiting list. Founder, Pamela Delisle and Alicia worked together to plan a hugely successful event in which Alicia spent 30 minutes photographing each family and then, just in time for Mother’s Day, she hand delivered a generous set of free digital files as well as printed photos! Alicia has since joined our team as our official photographer and has made herself available to document our project’s journey. To learn more about Alicia’s work visit at and
Share the Magic is MLA for Riel, Chris Melnick’s, personal project that provides free books to Manitobans. Chris believes that literacy is the way out of poverty and encourages literacy by putting books into the hands of people you might not otherwise have them. Our project is lucky enough to receive children’s books from Share the Magic to include in our baby gifts and big sibling gifts. If you know of a group, no matter how large or small, children or adult, who would benefit from a Share the Magic partnership, or if you would like to donate books to the program, visit her website.
The Attachment Network of Manitoba is a group of volunteers who come together around promoting healthy attachment between child and parent. YCSAB respects their efforts to take intimidating concepts like attachment-based theory and make the information understandable and accessible to any caregiver. Since February 2015 we have been including their brochures, ‘10 Things Your Baby Wants You to Know’ and ‘10 Things Your Toddler Wants You to Know’, in our baby gifts. For more valuable resources for parents or professionals, visit: and
Once Upon a Child- Winnipeg West- Owner Christina Dunlop operates her store from the belief that people are the investment, not ‘the stuff’, making her choice her to donate her store’s unsold gently used baby and kids’ items to us two times as year, as well as generously sharing our information with her patrons an easy one. If you haven’t heard of Once Upon a Child, they buy and sell your gently used baby and kids’ stuff- all seasons, all day, every day! Christina’s new store at 1330 Ellice Ave is now open for business. Get more info by calling their store at at 204-786-BABY and
Serena Wilson Stubson: Creative Musings and Artistic Expressions- Decorating a baby’s room is often a special part of preparing for baby, but due to the expense it isn’t a reality for many families on our waiting list who use their tight budgets to purchase basic baby supplies. Winnipeg artist Serena Wilson Stubson generously provides YCSAB with prints of her heart-warming and uplifting artwork so we can make some of our gift recipient’s dreams of decorating their baby’s room a reality. To experience visual bliss, visit: and

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