1) You may not need a crib or bassinet if you share a bed with your baby. To learn basic guidelines for Safe Bed-Sharing click here.

2) If you breastfeed your baby and are available for most feedings you may not need to buy soothers, bottles, breast pumps, or formula. Since breastfeeding is protective to your child’s health and presumably your baby will be healthier, you will spend less money on medicine and will have less unpaid time away from work to care for your baby (assuming you are employed).

3) You will likely save money on babysitters because the more time you spend with your baby, the more you will want to include them in your life (except for maybe date night!).

4) Baby carriers often cost less than strollers. Or if you make your own baby carrier or borrow one, then you save even more money.

5) You will spend less money on toys and gadgets for your baby because as an attached parent you realize that what you baby wants and needs most is quality interaction from you and to experience emotions and objects from the real world.

6) Being bonded to your baby and attuned to their needs may inspire you to learn about Elimination Communication (potty training from birth on) or cloth diapering. Both can save thousands of dollars compared to disposable diapering.

7) Being more aware of your baby’s skill level around, and interest in, solid food can lead you to use a method of feeding called, ‘Baby Led Weaning’. This method can save you money because instead of buying expensive baby purees, you teach your baby to safely feeds themselves the same foods you are making for the rest of you family.

*If you have found a way to Attachment Parenting has saved you money please email us and let us know.