Gift Recipient Angie Choboter, her son Samuel and Tuxedo Donation Coordinator, Lisa Morantz

Gift Recipient Angie Choboter, her son Samuel, and Tuxedo Donation Coordinator Lisa Morantz

1) 100% of your donations go directly to Manitoban families in need.

2) Our project is 100% volunteer operated. A large percentage of our volunteers and donor families are either pregnant or are parents to young children themselves. Most of the project work happens after our kids have gone to sleep or when we can arrange childcare.

3) We make ourselves available to answer any of your questions. Our project has no secrets and we remain transparent to the public in order to continue building trust with donors, and recipients.

4) Our project operates from a strengths-based approach. This means we believe that every family who requests a baby gift is brave for asking for help, and deserving of that help.

5)  We offer confidentiality to and respect the privacy of each family who contacts us.

6)  We make each gift of baby clothes and items personalized to the family’s needs.

7) Many donors we speak to are unhappy with the current for-profit donation options in Manitoba. We provide donors with a unique alternative of what to do with their once loved baby items. We also provide donor families and donor groups with an opportunity to connect directly with the people they are helping. Our project contributes to the idea of ‘it takes a village’ and are proud to connect parents who might not have otherwise met.

8)  In addition to the gift of baby clothes and baby items, we provide families with a printed or online list of local resources to help with the high costs of raising children, including information about how families can take our initial donation and swap, for free, for the next clothing size up.

9)  We adapt our volunteer positions to accommodate volunteers of any age and ability.

10)  Every person contributing to our project, is making a positive impact in the community, by demonstrating that one person really can make a difference. Our project started with a simple idea, basic organizational skills, a small bedroom to collect donations, generous volunteers and donors, and a brave family in need. Four years after our  ‘birth’ we now have a team of 30+ core volunteers across Manitoba, and have delivered close to 500 gifts.

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