unnamed-10You Can’t Spoil a Baby accepts:
a) Baby Clothing and Baby Items (once loved/new);
b) Monetary Donations; and
c) Donations of Your Time.

Baby Clothing and Baby Items to add to your gift:
**To protect our gift recipients and volunteers, we respectfully encourage people who have, or recently had, bed bugs or who smoke in their home, to disclose this at the time of donation.**

Baby clothing from sizes preemie to 3T (basics plus outerwear, footwear etc.)
Breastfeeding related items i.e. nursing pads, bras, breast pumps, nursing pillows
Feeding related items i.e. bottles, highchair, bibs, cutlery
Sleep related items i.e. sheets, crib mattress, blankets, baby monitors, co-sleepers
Baby furniture i.e. crib, bassinet, playpens, change table, rocking chair. (Cribs must come with information that identifies the manufacturer, model number, date of manufacture, and assembly instructions. Cribs made before September 1986 do not meet current safety standards and are illegal to sell under the law.)
Bath related and hygiene items i.e. menstrual pads, baby soap, bath tub, toothpaste
Diapering items: disposable or cloth diapers, wipes, change pads, diaper bags
Stroller: umbrella stroller, single, or doubles. (Strollers made before 1985 may not meet current safety standards, and may not be sold. Strollers must come with a lap belt, or safety harness that is solidly attached to the seat or frame. Strollers must be accompanied by information that identifies the manufacturer, model number, and the date of manufacture.)
Baby carriers
-Children’s books and toys, exersaucer, bouncy chairs, swings etc.
Car seats and related items: Car seats must meet the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Before donating a used car seat, check with Transport Canada (1-800-333-0371 or http://www.tc.gc.ca/roadsafety) for more information and to find out if the car seat has been recalled. We cannot accept donations of car seats manufactured before Jan 1, 2012, regardless of condition. If you have a seat manufactured before Jan. 1, 2012, take it to your nearest MPI dealer for recycling.

If you are a donor who would like assistance determining the safety of the car seat you are donating, please contact our Car Seat Expert Erin Harder. Erin is a Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC) certified Child Restraints System Technician (CRST) with a passion for keeping kids safe while travelling in a vehicle. She is volunteering her time to our project. For assistance, request to join her group Everything Car Seats or email Erin at manitoba.crst@gmail.com (please mention our project referred you if you email her).

If you have a complete donation (full set of baby clothing from 0-18 months, plus three baby items) and you would like to deliver them to a family in need please find visit our How To Donate page.

If you have a partial donation (partial sets of clothing or single items), and would like to drop them off with one of our Donation Coordinators who will deliver your donation directly to a family in need, please learn more about how to donate here.

*Unless specifically requested by the family in need, or approved by our Donation Coordinators, please do not offer formula because it is too hard to match before it expires. We also prefer not to accept nursing covers because we think breastfeeding uncovered is a beautiful and a powerful message for the next generation of parents to see. If you have these items to donate and you would like ideas of where you can give, please check out our Additional Resources page for ideas.

Monetary Donations: We will continue to accept cash donations for those who prefer that option or don’t have baby items to donate. Gifted money is used for our IT expenses (web hosting, ticketing system etc.-about $500 a year), postage costs (amount varies), printing and graphic design costs (amount varies), event planning costs, gift packaging expenses etc…  If you would like to discuss a financial donation please contact Pamela here.

Time Donation: If you choose to volunteer for You Can’t Spoil A Baby, your time and energy will make a positive difference to many Manitoba families in need. One of our top priorities is our volunteer’s happiness, so we will work with you to ensure you understand and are comfortable with your volunteer responsibilities. One-time or reoccurring volunteers are welcome. To view our available positions, please visit our New Volunteers page.