FOR DONORS: Questions 10-17

1) How long will it take to get a gift?
It is really hard to say. On average we have a waiting list of about 100 families and the wait is about 5 months long. The best chance you have of receiving a gift is to contact us as early as possible in your pregnancy and to tell us the sex of your baby, or update us as soon as you know, as most donors prefer to give a ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ gift. If possible we like to have your gift delivered one month before your due date, or as soon as possible after your baby is born. If you would like to know how long the waiting list is just email Pamela.

2) Who will contact me about my gift?
Unless you have questions for us, the first person to contact you will be the donor or volunteer who will be collecting and delivering items to you.

3) How do you decide who gets a gift?
Generally, who receives a gift is based on who applies first. Occasionally when a donor has a preference as to where in Manitoba to deliver, or requests a specific type of family (for example a teen mom), we make matches in order not to lose the gift. We do our best to be fair.

4) Do you help families expecting more than one baby?
Yes. Over the years we have had many successful twin family matches.

5) Can my request for help be a secret from my family?
Yes. You will have a chance to tell us this in your application form. If your safety is an issue if your family finds out please let us know this and arrangements will be made to protect you and your privacy.

6) Can someone apply for me, like a social worker, public health nurse or friend?
As long as the person can answer all of the questions and knows what baby items you need then yes.

7) I don’t have a phone or email address for your project to contact me, can I still apply?
Yes. You can list anyone as a contact person for you and we will contact them to either pass a message along to you or to arrange all of the delivery details with.

8) Where else can I get help for my baby?
Please review our list at Additional Resources.

If you still have a question please contact Pamela.


9) How long will it take to be matched with a family in need?
Within one week you can expect to be matched. This doesn’t mean you need to have your gift ready in one week, just that we will email you the family’s info.

10) Our group doesn’t have second hand baby items do we need to buy them new?
You can but you don’t have to. It is better for the environment to reuse items, so feel free to purchase second hand baby items, as long as the items are from a smoke-free, bedbug-free home. Places like kijiji or Used Winnipeg, or many Facebook buy/swap/sell groups can be useful to find large amounts of clothing and items for great prices.

11) Will you advertise for our group on your website if we are making a donation?
Once your group’s gift is delivered, we would be happy to publicly thank you for your group’s donation on our Facebook page and include a link to your group’s page and photo of your donation/group if you are interested. Occasionally we aren’t comfortable posting a link, if the website isn’t aligned with our projects values, but we are happy to discuss if that arises.

12) If we send YCSAB a picture of the gift will it be anonymous?
It is totally up to you. We love including pictures of completed gifts on our Facebook page, but if you want to remain anonymous we will respect your wishes.

13) Do I need to be rich to donate?
No. If you don’t have a lot of items to donate, or even any items to donate, you can help us out by donating your time in one of our volunteer roles. You can contribute by being a Donor Group where it will be your volunteer role to find people within your social circle who do have baby clothing and baby items to donate. If you would like to learn more about being a Donor Group visit here.

14) Can I be a donor if I only have a few items to give?
YES! We know that not all donors have a full set of baby clothing from 0-18 months, plus three or more baby items to give. To fix this, we have created the option for you to drop off your partial donation to one of our Donation Coordinators locations, which are found on our Partial Donations page.

15) How will we know what to provide the family in need we get matched with? We will email you their application form, which includes a list of the items they need the most as well as items they would be happy to accept. Upon contact with the family, you can confirm any additional questions you may have with them. Please know that there is no pressure to provide the entire list of needed items for the family.

16) How do you know that the families who receive gifts are really in need?
The simple answer is that we don’t know. You Can’t Spoil A Baby has decided against asking recipients for specific income information or for proof of income. Instead we simply ask, ‘Are you in financial need?’ If the answer is yes, as defined by that person, we proceed to find out what they need for their baby.

We do this to:
-Build trust with recipients. Our recipients are experts in their own lives so we have chosen to trust them to know if they need financial help. We don’t believe that poverty is as simple as an income level. While income plays a large role in people’s quality of life, so does the ability to have personal choice and control;
-Ensure that families receive our gift when they need it, not just when their income information and paperwork becomes verified, or once a family gets the proper I.D. to fill out forms; and to
-Simplify our project. The nature of verifying people’s income as a small volunteer project is complicated and not something we are interested in spending our time doing.

Steps we take to help put donor families/groups at ease:
-We remind recipients that our project is for families who are in financial need. This reminder ensures that people are self-evaluating their level of need.
-When a family or advocate isn’t sure if they should apply, our website provides a list of sample families we are hoping to help.
-Over half of our gifts go to families who have been nominated by a social service or health advocate and therefore their financial situation has been assessed and found to be a fit for our project.
-Even though we don’t ask for income information, many of our recipients share with us what poverty looks like for them. Those who express their appreciation often tell us how this gift means a huge amount to them, not only because of the financial help but because the gift validates their worth and their baby’s worth.

17) Is your project faith-based? We believe that all parents deserve support regardless of their religious or lack of religious beliefs. We support all families.

If you still have a question please contact Pamela.

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