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We would love to have you join our team!

Would you enjoy preparing custom baby gifts and delivering them to families expecting a baby or with a newborn?
Do you want the convenience of volunteering from your home while helping Manitoba families in financial need?
Are you searching for a flexible and fulfilling volunteer experience in Winnipeg or rural Manitoba?
Do you have the space to store one gift’s worth of baby clothes/items?
Will you allow donors to drop donations off to your location?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, please complete the Donation Coordinator Application and Pamela will contact you within one week to answer any of your questions or to make the volunteer position official and get you started.

Your role as a Donation Coordinator is to assist donors who have a partial donation to deliver, by collecting items at a location of your choosing until you have enough items for a complete gift, packaging those items into a baby gift and delivering them directly to a family in need. If you do not have a vehicle, we can find a Delivery Coordinator to pick up a completed gift from you and deliver it.

Here is how our Donation Coordinator position works:

1) Donations are Dropped Off to You: Donors review our list of Donation Coordinator locations. If your location is most convenient for them, they will contact you directly to arrange a drop off, or if you prefer, our website will indicate where in your yard or at your business (covered porch, bin, lobby etc.) they can drop off items at their convenience.

2) Evaluate Donations: Please check all donations for cleanliness (no stains, smoke or musty smell, bedbugs) and safety. After you have collected enough donations to prepare a complete gift for a family in need (a full set of baby clothes from 0-18m plus 3 baby items; see our list of accepted items here) contact Pamela and advise her if the gift is best suited for a boy, or girl as well as which baby items have been collected.

3) We Send you a Match: We will then email you a completed application form from a family in need.

4) Contact The Family: Please review their application and within one week, contact the family to introduce yourself, to review their application with them, to confirm their delivery address if the family needs the items you have collected; and to book a gift delivery date, or let them know that you will contact them again once your gift is ready to deliver.IMG_0513

5) Gift Preparation: Now that you know what the family needs, please package the donations into their gift. Get as creative as you like by decorating cardboard boxes, using recycled gift bags, wrapping gifts in baby blankets, placing items in a laundry basket with a bow etc.. Please attach one of our greeting cards and business cards, and if available resources from Attachment Network of Manitoba. If you are willing, please take a photo of your completed gift and email it to Pamela for use on our website or Facebook page.

6) Deliver Gift: If you haven’t already arranged the delivery date and time with the family, please do so. If you need the assistance of our Deliver Coordinators, please post a request in our volunteer group. Otherwise, please bring your gift to the family on the agreed upon delivery date and introduce yourself as the You Can’t Spoil a Baby Donation Coordinator.

7) Update Pamela: Please send Pamela a brief email update stating that the gift has been delivered and a photo of the completed gift for our Facebook page if you have time/interest.

8) Re-evaluate your availability: After each gift is delivered, we invite Donation Coordinators to re-evaluate their availability, and if you need a break from volunteering, just send a quick email to Pamela and she will temporarily remove your name and location from the website, until you have more time.

We are here to help walk you through this process and to answer any questions you may have. We want this to be a great experience for you and anyone else who is involved in helping. If there are children helping volunteer, please let us know and we will send along a thank you card designed just for them.

If you or your group/business are interested in becoming a Donation Coordinator please complete our Donation Coordinator Application.