The beauty of becoming a parent is that from the first moment you meet your baby you are given the opportunity to get to know your child like no one else can. Maybe you started to bond with your baby when those two lines appeared on the pregnancy test, or maybe it was when you felt your baby move for the first time, or perhaps when you looked deep into your baby’s eyes, or smelled their sweet skin, or nursed them for the first time… we could go on.

Bonding is a personal and unique experience for each parent and child pair and feeling bonded or attached to your baby can take varying amounts of time and varying amounts of effort. If you are expecting a baby or you already are a parent and you want to learn more about bonding and how and why to do it, then you may be interested in a parenting philosophy called Attachment Parenting (AP).

Attachment Parenting is a set of beliefs and actions that help parents meet their baby’s unique needs in an immediate, reliable and loving way, in order to help their baby grow into an emotionally secure child and adult.

For an introduction to Attachment Parenting here are some useful resources:
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